LEGO Serious Play

LEGO® Serious Play® promotes different thinking and conversations.

It is a facilitated workshop method that helps organisations, teams, and individuals to think, communicate, problem-solve, and make decisions in a different, more creative way.

We use LEGO Serious Play as a complementary method to support projects and initiatives; spanning customer experience, strategy, innovation, team building, change management and much more.

We can build a workshop to meet your needs, desired outcomes and team size.

Frequently asked questions about LEGO Serious Play

What is the 'ideal' size and duration of a workshop?

For a LEGO Serious Play workshop, there is no definite answer, as the size of the group and duration of the workshop will often depend on the objectives and goals.

Generally speaking, an 'ideal' LEGO Serious Play workshop would be up to 12 participants, and run for at least 3 hours.

Of course, there are always exceptions and we have experience with running sessions for up to 100 participants.

As participant numbers grow in size, we structure the workshop so each participant is heard and actively engaged in the process. This is essential for getting the most out of this powerful method.

Do you need to be creative to use LEGO Serious Play?

No! If you thought LEGO Serious Play was exclusively for the creatives among us, think again.

No creativity is required to use this method - all that’s needed is a desire to engage in meaningful conversations.

Using specially curated LEGO sets, we structure the workshop to facilitate productive dialogue between participants. Open-ended activities foster exploration and give everyone a voice, so you don’t just end up with one creative genius contributing all the ideas - everyone gets involved.

It may sound too good to be true, but trust us - with no need for creative flair or artistry, LEGO Serious Play can really bring its own brand of magic.